Amazing Inventions TV

It’s a proven fact that TV is the most powerful medium in the world. In fact, more than 90% of all customers site television as their primary resource of news and information. Reaching millions of potential customers, without spending millions of dollars is no easy task. Amazing Inventions puts the power of mass media television to work for you and your product.


We have structured an exclusive arrangement with broadcast TV affiliates (FOX / NBC / ABC / CBS / INDEPENDENTS) all over the country for distribution of Amazing Inventions feature segments. Each week Opfer Communications, Inc. will produce and distribute 1-2 minute news segments, featuring some of America’s most unique and innovative products.

Each Segment will feature one product that is informative, entertaining, and newsworthy. The segments will be distributed via satellite up to some 200+ TV affiliates across the United States.

The segments are designed to be quick, informative news vignettes for inclusion in local news programming. These are NEWS segments, NOT infomercials or commercials. At the end of each segment, the viewer will be invited to visit the website for more information about your product and all others in the segment. The segment cannot include any of your specific phone or mailing information and all editorial rights, including rights to the segment, in whole or in part, shall remain exclusively to Amazing Inventions, LLC.


The purpose of our arrangement with the television network is twofold. Amazing Inventions TV is designed to provide local network affiliates with informative entertaining stories on new, amazing inventions and products. The TV segment will provide inventors and manufacturers a venue to introduce those new, amazing inventions and products to potentially millions of potential customers. It also provides inventors and manufacturers with marketing tools for TV, tradeshows, retailer sales, point-of-sale displays, and other applications.

Product “Must Haves”

Being named as one of America’s Amazing Inventions provides instant product credibility. The fact is that only a small fraction of products will be chosen to appear on this program, which puts your product ahead of the pack.

In order to be selected for inclusion on Amazing Inventions TV, a product must:

  • Be unique and innovative
  • Offer new technology or be creative in design
  • Offer a solution to a consumer based problem
  • Have a broad consumer appeal
  • Be demonstrable in solving problems
  • Offer a high perceived value
  • Present consumers with a “wow” reaction

The Benefit

The cost of one, :30 commercial during the news, on one TV affiliate could cost anywhere from $300-$10,000. The Amazing Inventions segment featuring your product will be sent directly to nearly 200 affiliates, which can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars of free publicity.

This exposure can lead to countless inquiries, orders and hopefully generate interest with consumers and product buyers from coast to coast. In other words, it’s like getting multiple market media exposure for FREE!

Much like an infomercial, you’ll have the opportunity to reach an audience that numbers in the tens of millions, without spending a dime on broadcast air-time. If the response is overwhelming, we can help you move swiftly into the venue of marketing and distribution that is the best-fit for your product. If the response is poor, you will have saved yourself a lot of time and money


As mentioned, viewers who see your segment and want more information about your product will be directed to our website. Any requests received by us will be immediately forwarded to you. Individual phone numbers, websites, and mailing information will not be permitted, because the network affiliates do not allow it.